Blockchain. HR. Procurement.

Our Purpose

To facilitate work identities and simplify work engagement process using blockchain

We deliver

  • Verified work identity for talent and
    staff-vetting for employers
  • Legally binding work contracts at a click

…leading to time and cost savings for talent, HR and procurement

We support GDPR compliance by giving talent control of their data

Work Identities

Simplified Work


Why is Workonomix needed

Faster vetting and on-boarding of staff

Fast, simple and secure contracts, at a click

Form teams on-demand, matched with soft-skills

Cost savings for projects, HR and procurement

Own a verified, “ready-to-employ” profile, trustable by several employers

Fast, simple and secure contracts, at a click

Maintain ongoing credentials and on-boarding history automatically

Save cost and time on every search and engagement

Which businesses should use it and how


  • As vetting and on-boarding service for external and internal staff
  • As a digital contracting service with legally compliant smart-contracts
  • To source on-demand teams, matched with soft skills
  • As a talent sharing platform with subsidiaries or consortium partners

Staffing Firms

  • As verification service to reduce “time-to-fill”
  • As a digital contracting service to reduce effort, time and cost to contract

Consultancies / Media Agencies

  • To grow their business by engaging virtual skill pools (“tribes”)
  • To access skills from other “tribes” and form teams on-demand
  • As a fully digital marketplace to service short term requests in real time

How it works

  • The person uploads certificates & authorises Workonomix to ask for verifications
  • Workonomix performs verifications, puts the status on blockchain, making the professional credentials are tamperproof and trustable
  • The verified credentials can now be shared with potential employers who are able to review the verification status and staff the person
  • Workonomix automatically maintains the on-boarding history as the person works with several employers

Verified credentials are kept immutable and updated with blockchain, ready to be matched to new work requests.

People join professional communities to have-a-home and to team up with others to work on client projects.

Once parties decide to work on a project, a legally binding smart-contract on blockchain is created.

The payment can be done in Ethereum or Fiat.In case of Ethereum the compensation funds are escrowed and automatically transferred.Fiat payments are done over agreed payment channels.

Post completion, both sides provide feedback to each other which is added to their profiles

How will Workonomix be organized

Tribe Layer

The tribes consist of people within an expertise area and is the interaction layer for talent and requestors. Tribes define their own skill types, services, contract and feedback models. A tribe can be formed around a company or by a group of people with a common purpose

Core Layer

The Core runs the processes for tribes - Work Identity, verifications, smart-contracts, payments; implemented on and off chain based on suitability

Blockchain Layer

Currently on a permission-less protocol, implementation on permission protocols possible for “consortium” use cases


Vivek Anand

Founder and CEO

Over 22 years of experience of launching new services, building markets and businesses. An ex-MD of Accenture Switzerland, worked with Fortune 500 clients in Europe, Turkey, Middle East. Vivek likes converting new ideas into sustainable business models and forming successful teams from diverse backgrounds

Bal Balaji

Interim CTO

Bal is a serial entrepreneur and CTO who has successfully built many tech ventures in Europe and Asia. Currently founder & CEO of Distribooted and Ballab. Past ventures include Fotodesk, SurfKitchen. Also supported corporate turn arounds and M&A. Bal has multiple patents under his name

Mihajlo Miklos

Engineering Lead

Mihajlo is a seasoned engineering lead with experience of delivering products and projects in cutting edge technologies such as big data and blockchain. Worked on diverse industry use cases such as performance marketing, IoT and analytics. Experienced with managing complex engineering projects for European and US clients and teams

Alain Lecrec von Bonin

Design and UX Lead

Alain is an acclaimed independent designer and art director, who has worked internationally and won numerous awards for projects. Alain uses his playful approach to visual communications at dizmo and is also a Lecturer on the intersection of art, design and technology at the Schule für Gestaltung Bern und Biel

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